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Toyota Venza vs Rav4 Hybrid 2023 – Which Is The Best Car?

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If you are here reading, you’re probably already aware of Toyota’s reliable, safe and affordable vehicles so lets compare Toyota Venza vs Rav4 Hybrid.

The base of this comparison from our point of view – Rav4 is a more adventurous family oriented car vs Venza as a more modern and stylish feel. Both are comfortable and safe with decent specs.

Let’s review and declare the winner.

Toyota Venza vs Rav4 Hybrid – Specs and Performance

SpecificationToyota VenzaToyota RAV4 Hybrid
MPG – City/Highway40 mpg city / 37 mpg highway41 mpg city / 38 mpg highway
Engine2.5-liter four-cylinder engine2.5-liter four-cylinder engine
Cargo size69.8 ft355.1 ft3
TransmissionElectronically controlled CVTElectronically controlled CVT
DrivetrainAll Wheel DriveAll Wheel Drive
Horsepower219 hp219 hp
Towing Capacity1750 lbs 

Looking at the basics specs we see an almost breakeven situation with both Toyota Venza and Toyota Rav4 Hybrid has solid performance stats. An important thing to consider is Toyota Rav4 Hybrid has a larger cargo size as this is a major plus if you have a family or traveling a lot.

Toyota Venza Vs Rav4 Hybrid
Toyota Venza On The Left vs Toyota Rav4 Hybrid on the right

Pricing and Ownership Costs

CostsToyota VenzaToyota Rav4 HybridDiff %
MSRP35,000 – 43,000$ 32,000 – 40,000$ Toyota Venza 8% higher
Ownership Costs (average per year)1,815$ 1,980$ Rav4 Hybrid 9% higher
Prices are CarAndBuy estimates – prices depend on region, incentives, dealer offers and also affected by the trim level. Ownership costs are based on Insurance, maintenance and repair cost estimate.

When looking at the main price factors to consider Toyota Venza is 8% higher on MSRP while Rav4 Hybrid has higher ownership costs than Toyota Venza. Combining both figures makes the MSRP difference between the models smaller by 1,000$ when looking at a 5 year period.

Toyota Venza vs Toyota Rav4 Hybrid : Toyota Rav4 Hybrid on a snow lane
Toyota Rav4 on a snowy lane


When driving with our family or friends, we want to make sure everyone is safe – lets see Toyota Venza vs Rav4 Hybrid safety stats:

Venza was a 2022 top safety pick in 2022 and rav4 was a top safety pick in 2023 so both cars pass our test.

Driving comfort

Both the Toyota Venza and Toyota Rav4 Hybrid has the same leg room – front and back. So neither of the vehicles has a defined advantage.

Toyota Venza vs Rav4 Hybrid: Toyota Venza
Toyota Venza

Interior and Exterior comparison

Design AspectToyota RAV4 HybridToyota Venza
Exterior DesignBold SUV appearance with aggressive grilleModern, sleek crossover design with elegant front grille
Interior DesignSpacious cabin, comfortable seating, practical for family adventuresElegant interior with premium materials and attention to detail

We can see that comparing Toyota Venza vs Rav4 Hybrid Designs Venza offers a more lucrative design vs a more practical and family oriented Rav4 Design. So we think that before choosing a potential buyer needs to fully understand his day to day needs.


So after we covered the aspects that we care about the most, let’s conclude Toyota Venza vs Rav4 Hybrid:

Obviously going for Toyota as a quality brand that makes fine cars for decades, cant be a bad choice when choosing and comparing Toyota Venza and Rav4 hybrid.

Both cars have similar specs and performance with Venza overall costs at about 8% higher than Rav4 Hybrid.

So when we comparing the performance side we have a tie. When seeing the the safety stack we are also tied.

The main differentiator from our view is Venza’s slick design which comes with a price. Rav4 Hybrid as a more family oriented vehicle is cheaper and although its design lags slightly opposed to Venza’s – We choose Rav4 Hybrid due to its lower price.

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