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Honda Civic vs Toyota Camry 2023 Review

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We’re on classic mode, as we take a look at two classic sedans – Honda Civic vs Toyota Camry.

So the base of our point of view – Honda Civic Exterior has more style on the Road while Toyota Camry Specs are more powerful and has a bit more roomy exterior. Both sedans are safe and offer a decent driving experience and value for money. So let’s start.

Honda Civic vs Toyota Camry
Honda Civic on the left vs Toyota Camry on the right

Honda Civic vs Toyota Camry – Specs and Performance

SpecificationHonda CivicToyota Camry
MPG – City/Highway30-33 mpg city / 37-42 mpg highway22-28 mpg city / 31-39 mpg highway
Engine2.0-liter four-cylinder engine2.5-liter four-cylinder engine
Cargo size14.8 ft315.1 ft3
DrivetrainAll Wheel DriveAll Wheel Drive
Horsepower180 hp202 hp
Towing Capacity850 lbs1,000

With a bigger engine, more horsepower and a lower mpg figure, Toyota Camry offers a more powerful driving experience than Honda Civic, but you’ll be left with less money in your pocket when you finish fueling.

Honda Civic

Pricing and Ownership Costs

CostsHonda CivicToyota CamryDiff %
MSRP23,500 – 31,000$ MSRP26,000 – 32,000$ MSRPCamry 3% higher
Ownership Costs1,595$ Per Year1,620$ Per YearCivic 3% higher
Prices are CarAndBuy estimates – prices depend on region, incentives, dealer offers and also affected by the trim level. Ownership costs are based on Insurance, maintenance and repair cost estimate.

We like getting value for our money, and the more powerful Toyota Camry will Cost 3% higher MSRP, Offsetted by 3% cheaper cost to own A Honda Civic.

Toyota Camry


It’s very basic – when we drive a car we want to know were safe as possible.

Honda Civic was a 2020 top safety pick and Toyota Camry was a 2023 Top Safety Pick+ both cars are safe to drive as the safety stack didn’t change much for Honda Civic since 2020.

Having said that, if you’re a very safety oriented purchaser than Toyota Camry might be a better fit.

Driving comfort

If driving a car is your daily routine, It’s has to feel good on the road. Honda Civic Leg room front and back is similar to Toyota Camry Leg room front. Honda Civic front head room is 1.8 inches higher on the front so there’s an advantage here for Honda Civic.

Honda Civic vs Toyota Camry: Inside look
Honda Civic Interior

Interior and Exterior comparison

Design AspectHonda CivicToyota Camry
Exterior DesignA unique Civic look that immediately catches the eye.A sporty Sedan not amazing yet looks fine.
Interior DesignSpacious cabin relative to size with comfortable seats.Spacious and basic, not a Top-notch design.
Toyota Camry Interior

For us there’s no question as we prefer the Honda Civic exterior design as it has a more sporty vibe than the Toyota Camry semi luxury design.


OK – now for the verdict.

Both the Honda Civic and the Toyota Camry are worthy cars with decent value for money. The cost to own both are OK, both are safe and reliable cars, and both comfortable with regards to their overall size.

We can say that although The Toyota Camry has a more powerful driving experience, there’s this unique Honda Civic exterior look and feel that if we had to choose – it will be Honda Civic.

Check out more reviews from us and see you on our next review.

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