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RAV4 vs Corolla Cross Review – Which One Takes the Lead

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  • Post last modified:4 April 2024

If you love Toyota like we do, and looking for a SUV, with the Toyota Rav4 being the go to car, now with Toyota Corolla Cross let’s see if we could challenge Rav4 with this subcompact car.

RAV4 vs Corolla Cross – Performance

When it comes to the bottom of it, performance is one of if not the most important technical aspect of any car and it is no different with both of the contenders. The Corolla Cross reaches 0-100 in 10.3 seconds whereas the RAV4 wins the category at a time of 8.4 seconds. 

Pricing and Ownership Costs

Corolla CrossRAV4
Pricing25,210 – 29,435 USD30,025 – 39,645 USD
Ownership Cost (for 5 years)6,003 USD5,531 USD


Safety is also a very important aspect of a car and when its down to the wire, both cars have been rated 5 stars by the NCAP and are both considered very safe cars in general.

Interior and Exterior comparison

The RAV4s interior is more rugged functional compared to the more clean and simplistic interior of the Corolla Cross which features white leather seats. Both feature a multimedia interface that supports Apple Carplay.

Both bodies and exteriors are almost identical. They are both made from a mix of galvenized steel and aluminium which are both lightweight and durable.


Which of these cars best suit your needs? If you are interested in a more beefy and rugged car with specs to match its exterior then the RAV4 is for you whereas if you are looking for comfort and a lower price then the Corolla Cross is the better car for your needs.