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2023 Toyota Venza

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  • Post last modified:8 February 2024

The Good

Classic and modern look, a fine looking hybrid powertrain vehicle with all of the benefits of owning a Toyota SUV.

The Bad

The Toyota Venza doesn’t poses the practical advantages of his inspirational big brother – the Rav4 Hybrid.

The Say

The Venza can be defined as a bit smaller Rav4 Hybrid with a classier design. The two-row mid-size SUV segment holds many worthy competitors. While the Venza has its unique style, it’s not enough to be a leader in this value driven segment, and its not comfy and practical for a family.


The Toyota Venza is playing in a very crowded field as the mid-size two-row SUV class is full of worthy competitors. While its hybrid powertrain with its 2.5 liter four cylinder with three electric motors is very efficient , its efficiency and fine looks are just not enough for owning the segment.

As the Venza’s base is essentially a Rav-Hybrid base, it makes it a less practical choice as its cargo space and interior space just aren’t spacious enough.

Even Toyota having major competitors like the RAV4 and Lexus NX350h – making one choosing a Venza a major challenge.

Pricing and Trims

The Venza pricing ranges from about 35,800$ msrp for the basic LE model to 45,000$ msrp for the Limited premium model. All trims comes with a four-wheel drive and 219 Horse-power.

The main differentiators are screen size’s and wheel sizes along with improved tech features and styling.

As we care more about performance comfort and safety, and we value our money we’ll go with the LE or the XLE.

Trim Levelmsrp

Specs and Tech Performance

The Venza is a four-wheel drive with a 2.5 liter hybrid only with a 219 horse power engine. It’s not a plug in hybrid. Driving the Venza is OK – nothing more nothing less and offers a 7.6 seconds to 60 mph. Overall we could say its a medium rated driving experience.

The Toyota Venza has a nifty infotainment system with connections to Apple car play, Android Auto, Amazon’s Alexa ans SiriusXM. The screen size is 8.0-inch in the base LE model and 12.3-inch in the latter models and all of the models comes with wireless charging options.

Toyota Venza Interior

Comfort, Safety, Real Life Features and Stats

The Toyota Venza is very similar to Toyota Rav4 regarding its interior spacing as three adults will find it hard to sit alongside in the backseat. The driver and front passenger side are spacious enough.

The cargo space isn’t bringing any news as it to small for a family and its cubic feet size is smaller than Rav4 hybrid.

Regarding fuel efficiency the venza is a top notch choice with mpg stats coming at about 40 mpg for city driving and about 37 mpg for highway putting it on the number one spot regarding fuel efficiency.

Toyota Venza Cargo Space

To conclude, unless one is completely fascinated by the Venza’s design or mpg figure -it’s a pass.

If you want to see how the venza fares vs. the rav4 hybrid check out our review.